Michael Wesley Hughes began his journey in music as a teenager growing up in the San Fernando Valley, North of Los Angeles, California. His band was signed to a recording contract with Liberty Records, but unfortunately that was cut short when he and the drummer were drafted and served in the Army in Vietnam. Upon his return to civilian life, he played throughout the Western United States in various R&B, Classic Rock bands. In 2005 he was the primary writer, lead guitarist and lead vocalist and producer for eBlues Highway. A self-titled, critically received CD was released in 2007 and three of his songs from the album appeared on the Hit HBO series “True Blood”. The band had regular concert performances in the Southern California area, most notably the infamous B.B. King Blues Club in Century City, California. In 2014 he entered the studio with his producer, Lisa Nemzo, and recorded his solo album “Tryin’ To Come Back Home”. It was released in 2015...



Tom is a seasoned percussionist and a fabulous traps player to boot, however he favors playing congas, timbales, bird houses, and other box, bell shaped things with little shakers etc.. A natural at creating the right rhythmic sounds for any tune.  From Minneapolis Minnesota, Tom has been teaching drums and percussion around the Coos Bay/North Bend area for over 25 years and is widely known as the “go-to” guy to learn from and/or for gigging that may need a real Master.  Tom is also a founding member of CRBQ as well, and we consider ourselves very lucky to have him along for the journey...



He has that Ray Charles, Leon Russell, Bill Payne style but adds the Terry Adams (NRBQ) outlook to performance. Bluesy and snappy by design but with a strong dose of musical humor.  Born in Southampton, Long Island but quickly relocated to Tennessee where he got his first Silvertone guitar for his birthday at age 8. Then on to Jackson, Tennessee where he started playing tenor saxophone live at 13 around The Chittlin’ Circuit with The Cavaliers, discovering the Wurlitzer Piano, Ray Charles and others.


A true devotee of Ray Charles, James Brown and that ilk of artist, then on to The Beatles, English Rock and Leon Russell which turned him in to somewhat of a musical chameleon rounding out with an introduction to the blues and there you have another founding member of The Q.



We’re not sure if there’s a tune Michael doesn’t know. We’ve tried to stump him but we don’t make bets against him.  AKA “The Garse,” Mike who is from Coos Bay, Oregon has been playing around the area his entire life and it is well known that he is an absolute metronome and another Master at his craft. He isn’t prone to solos or a  flashy, outwardly animated style, he is extraordinarily perceptive and hits the groove and you can count on it until you’re finished waiting for him to lose the pocket, because it JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN. We must call him a founding member as well.  We wouldn’t/couldn’t  and simply WON'T do it without The Garse...

And THAT, my friends, is the Q


Real musicians, playing real instruments with a joy that is contagious.  

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  Rudy's biggest influences in music came from his father's choice of music.

Ray Charles, Duke Ellington, Little Richard,  and Robert Johnson.

Then came along the Beatles in 1964, which opened up a new wide screen panorama

for his musical future. 

    Throughout the years, music has changed and so has Rudy. 

From Rock, Reggae, Country to Rhythm and Blues. 

 So, we like to say Rudy is outstanding in his field. And that's where we found him.....outstanding in the field. 

 From the central coast of California, Rudy comes with deep musical savvy. 

   Now he's appeared to lay down the law with CRBQ.

Just icing on the cake for all of us.